2021 Kenda Sponsorship


It is the objective of Kenda Tire and Kenda Racing to form strategic, mutually beneficial relationships with every individual or organization we partner with. No sponsorship from Kenda is considered a donation or “free exposure” for our brand. Our goal is to develop partnerships to provide Kenda Tire with increased and specific exposure in identified motorsport events as well as in the media.

It is for this reason, and the fact that we receive many sponsorship requests, that we require you to present a formal written proposal which also includes a completed Sponsorship Application form in order to be considered for a Kenda Tire automotive/motorsport sponsorship. Your entire proposal (including our Sponsorship Application) must be emailed to us for review. Each completed sponsorship proposal will receive proper consideration but there is no guarantee that your application will be successful due to the limited partnerships we can offer.


For 2021, we will offer four types of sponsor backing possibilities.

  1. Event/Series Sponsorship - Kenda Tire will occasionally partner with select Drifting Series or Event Partners through a combination of financial or product-in-kind support.

    This type of sponsorship will be rare, and will require a Drift Series or event, to be able to provide maximum quantifiable benefits to Kenda Tire including substantial media exposure to Kenda for your series or event.

  2. Full in-kind Sponsorship - These will also be rare, as we seek to broaden our overall racing footprint and media exposure, and these opportunities are often limited as well

    This would generally provide a fixed amount of product to the driver at no cost to the recipient. This will be set at a maximum product/monetary value as mutually agreed.

    Full sponsorship consideration is only given to proposals with a good level of return for Kenda Tire media exposure and content deliverables in a targeted segment for our marketing objectives.

  3. Partial in-kind Sponsorship - Kenda Tire will provide a very limited quantity of tires to the recipient who routinely performs in grassroots/pro-am level events, in return for professional social media content, Kenda graphics in on-car placement, AND who can demonstrate a winning history for themselves in their respective series/regions.

  4. Racer Support Program (RSP) Sponsorship - Also aimed at the grassroots/pro-am drifting or autocross/HPDE driver, the RSP Sponsorship will allow the driver to obtain a fixed number of tires for their season at a heavily discounted price from an official Racer Support Program Distribution Partner, as a Contingency style racing program.

    This also requires RSP drivers to place select Kenda Tires graphics on-car for the duration of the season; must run all four tires with Kenda Tires; and be able to demonstrate success and a winning history for themselves. Additional Program details will be shared if a RSP offer is presented.


Be aware that a sponsorship is a business agreement between a driver and Kenda Tire. In this agreement, the driver or series partner will receive specific financial and/or in-kind support in exchange for deliverables of media content, on-car branding, social media content generation.

The goal is for Kenda Tire to achieve specific marketing and promotional activity objectives, and to demonstrate the Kenda Tire philosophy of “Podium 2 Pavement” winning with our off-the-shelf products.

To this, a Kenda Tire Sponsorship requires our drivers and Series Partners to:

  • Be familiar with our products, product features and benefits including knowledge of our Company and full range of products Kenda produces. Be able to demonstrate your prior use of Kenda Tires and how they have helped you win.

  • Deliver on the agreement made to secure the sponsorship including promoting Kenda Tire through their social media, video/photo content, and on-car placement

  • Be a Brand Ambassador to represent Kenda Tire products. This includes actively promoting our company’s products in a knowledgeable manner and project Kenda’s brand values.

  • Conduct yourself responsibly and in a manner appropriate to being a representative of Kenda Tire, both at events and across social media.

  • Being willing to provide regular photos, videos, and written updates of your progress through the season to Kenda Tire. This could also include providing your vehicle to be available at select Kenda Tire dealer events or industry shows if needed.

  • Understand the value of this partnership. Have fun and mutually support each other.


Kenda Tire is an emerging brand and we are interested in drivers who can use and endorse Kenda Tires not just while on track, but as a lifestyle brand as well. We offer premium level products at a ‘value’ price point. Being aware of the wide range of Kenda Tire products via our website, and demonstrating your past use of Kenda products where possible is favored.

  • Sponsorship is currently for USA based individuals/activities.

  • Every Sponsorship we offer for automotive is to help broaden Kenda’s exposure at activities that we may not be able to activate on site for. You will act often as a Kenda Tire Brand Ambassador while at your events, and your conduct should reflect that.

  • Sponsorships will be focused on selected marketing areas where Kenda Tire has determined additional market share and growth is needed. For this reason, we will generally not provide multiple in-kind sponsorships in the same region/series area. The RSP however, may allow for several drivers to compete in one region where the Contingency is run.

    • Please understand that we cannot lend support/ help everyone.

    • All sponsorship allocations are subject to normal budgetary considerations, and Kenda Tire does reserve the right to modify or postpone marketing activities/ sponsorships in cases of unforeseen events, similar to the 2020 Pandemic.

Lastly, please read and understand the above, and complete the Sponsorship Application below. NO consideration will be made for your incomplete applications, missed deadlines, or to Sponsorship requests, direct messages, mailed/emailed Sponsor Pitch Decks or Racer Proposals that do NOT also accompany the Sponsorship Application.

To apply, please download the application form here.

All applications should be mailed to auto-sponsorship@kendausa.com.