Authorized Online Retailers

Kenda Tire has an established Authorized Online Retailer program to provide its consumers and end-users with confidence that any passenger and light truck purchase of Kenda brand made online will be from a source that is approved to do so. Kenda is doing this because unauthorized online retailers may not provide the following services on a consistent basis:

  1. Technical Specifications – it is very important for consumers and end-users to have the correct information for load index and speed rating to match their vehicle application. Kenda provides information to its Authorized Online Retailers to assure that they have the ability to communicate this properly to potential purchasers.
  2. Proper Fitment – even with the correct load index & speed rating, it is important that the consumer get the best fitment information for their application, physical environment & driving style. Kenda has developed different patterns to offer the best fitment information and provides this to our Authorized Online Retailers.
  3. Warranty support – Kenda provides a strong warranty covering workmanship and defects as well as limited mileage warranties for specific tread patterns. An Authorized Online Retailer will properly follow processes to assure the consumer issues are addressed and will work directly with Kenda to resolve them.

If buying tires via the internet, Kenda strongly advises consumers and end-users to only buy Kenda brand products from Authorized Online Retailers. If you purchase Kenda brand passenger or light truck tires from an online source not listed on our site, Kenda’s product warranty will not be valid; You will need to address any warranty concerns directly with the unauthorized retailer.

Please note that online retailers often sell via online marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, Newegg, Walmart & Rakuten). Those retailers selling via Marketplaces must individually be listed as Authorized to qualify under Kenda’s policies. Other domains or individuals selling via Marketplaces will be considered as unauthorized.

The following sites are approved as Kenda Authorized Online Retailers for passenger and light truck tires:

Authorized & Warrantied

Reseller Name Shop Now
1010 Tires
Anthem Off-Road
ARKON Off-Road
BB Wheels
Budget Tire
Buy Wheels Today
Car ID
Custom Offsets
Custom Wheel Outlet
Fast Lane Tires (Various Marketplaces)
Giga Tires
Got Tires
Katz Tire
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Kenda products acquired through an unauthorized reseller may be tampered with, stored improperly, transported improperly, or fake/counterfeit. Kenda does not warranty product sold through unauthorized resellers.

This is not a comprehensive list of unauthorized retailers. This list captures the most common unauthorized retailers that have been brought to our attention. If a retailer is NOT on the authorized list, or the unauthorized list, we cannot guarantee they are authorized. To ensure and guarantee the quality, safety and warranty of your Kenda products, please choose to purchase from the Authorized list.

Let Us Know

Can’t find a site in this list that you know sells Kenda automotive products? Let us know. We will be able to verify whether they are or are not authorized. Reporting any missing retailers helps us keep our online listings up to date, as well as protect our customers in their purchase(s) of Kenda tires.

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