Kyle Kleiman


Hometown: Bark River, MI

Birthdate: 08/01/1995

Race Class: (Short Course) Pro 2 

Favorite Tire: Kenda Klever R/T

Racing Highlights

2018 Pro Lite Midwest Points Champion 

2017 Winning 10/13 races 

2017 Pro Lite Midwest Points Champion

2016 Pro Lite Crandon World Cup Champion


Kyle started racing quads when he was 14 and then set his sights on ‘bigger’ things. He moved from quads to a Pro Lite that he shared with his brother for his first year of racing. In 2015, he made the jump to his own Pro Lite and shortly after getting behind the wheel, Kleiman won his first race. In 2016 he ran a partial season, winning 5 races and finished 2nd in the points championship. In 2017 Kyle came into his own winning 10/13 races and winning the Pro Lite Midwest Points Championship. 2018 was another winning year for Kleiman where he took home his second Pro Lite Midwest Points Championship title. The 2019 season will be his first year in the Pro 2 class and with his dedication and training, he is up to the challenge. Kenda is excited to welcome Kyle to the team and to be a part his racing journey.

Fun Facts

Some fun facts about Kyle include that he works a full time job in addition to his racing career. And sorry ladies, he has been in a relationship for several years and they have a dog named Nala that runs the show with her cuteness. Kyle is a firm believer in God, enjoys spending time on the water, being with family and friends and does a lot of side by side riding when he isn’t in his truck.