Kenda Launches All New Vezda Touring A/S Tire in Las Vegas

November 01, 2017 / Automotive News

Las Vegas, NV (October 30, 2017) — The wait is over! Kenda USA is proud to introduce the all-new Vezda Touring A/S KR205. The KR205 is Kenda’s Grand Touring All-Season tire designed for drivers of coupes, sedans and luxury touring cars. The Vezda Touring A/S combines the comfort & ride expected from a touring tire with the crisp handling required by discerning drivers. Created for diverse American all-season weather conditions, the tire offers lower weight and reduced noise while providing exceptional wet braking and year-round traction, including light snow.  The asymmetric tread design of the KR205 features Kenda’s proprietary designed pitch sequencing for reduced noise and four grooves engineered to prevent hydroplaning. 

On Monday October 30th, a large group of Kenda USA and Kenda International distributors as well as multiple media outlets participated in aggressive ride-n-drive activities highlighting the performance and capabilities of the all-new KR205 tires. Kenda North America’s engineering team provided Kenda customers and trade press in attendance with an insider’s look through the advanced product development and rigorous testing of the KR205. “Our American technical team succeeded with designing a great tire which will perform well across a broad range of geographies, weather extremes and vehicle platforms”, explained Tom Williams, Vice President of Engineering. “Kenda’s proprietary design tools allowed us to provide ride & noise levels appropriate for 1st replacement while offering a 65,000 mile warranty across all sizes in H & V speed ratings.”

Event attendees were able to experience the superior handing and high-speed capabilities of the KR205 against the leading category competition on both wet and dry courses while driving 2017 Cadillac ATS sedans. Attendees were also able to observe the low road noise and ride comfort of the KR205 on the highway against the competition. “Kenda believes in the importance to showcase the overall value of our performance in comparison to well recognized products,” said Brandon Stotsenburg, Vice President of Automotive. “Today’s event met that goal demonstrating that the Kenda Vezda Touring A/S is a premium Grand Touring tire which we will offer at a value price point.”

Jimmy Yang, President of Kenda USA concluded, “The launch of the Vezda Touring A/S is truly a global team success. We are providing premium performance for many global markets with the 1st new product launched from our new Vietnam facility.”

The Vezda Touring A/S meets the need for wear with a 65,000-mile warranty and will be available in 32 initial sizes rated H&V fitting 15”-19” wheels. The Vezda Touring A/S will be available to order in Q2 of 2018.