Kenda Launches Klever R/T at VORE Adrenaline Compound

November 01, 2017 / Automotive News

Las Vegas, NV (October 30, 2017) — Kenda launches a premium performing entry into the fast growing extreme A/T segment! Kenda USA is proud to introduce the Klever R/T KR601 in epic fashion at VORE Adrenaline Compound. On October 30th, a large group of Kenda USA and Kenda International distributors as well as multiple media outlets participated in aggressive ride-n-drive activities highlighting the performance and capabilities of the all-new KR601.

Kenda North America’s engineering team provided Kenda customers and trade press in attendance with an insider’s look through the advanced product development and rigorous testing of the KR601. “To develop a tire that meets the demanding performance criteria for this segment we did multiple rounds of testing in diverse environments including the rocks of Moab, mud in the Midwest, and desert sand.,” asserted Dan Shavers, Chief Design Engineer for Kenda USA. “We created our T3 Triple Threat sidewall, new compounding and a unique, flexible tread design to provide exceptional performance.”

The Kenda Klever R/T was designed to conquer Rough Terrain without sacrificing the ride and comfort of an A/T tire. Combining our Triple Threat 3-Ply sidewall for exceptional durability with aggressive styling, an optimized tread design with a superior all-weather compound makes the Klever R/T the right solution for 4x4 owners on the road, in the snow or in any off-road environment. Strong upper sidewall tread blocks assist with typically difficult mud, sand and gravel environments while the construction provides long lasting wear with reasonable ride and noise on-road. The Klever R/T is enabled for off-road conditions and is pinned for winter studs (TSMI #15).


Kenda distributors, trade press and enthusiast media were able to see the innovation of the Klever R/T’s off-road capabilities against top segment competition first-hand through a desert tour and hill climb in VORE’s fleet of FORD F-150 Raptors. The Klever R/T also excelled against the competition when comparing ride comfort on the highway. The afternoon culminated with event attendees and press getting behind the wheel of VORE’s race trucks and putting the KR601s to the test on the short course off-road track alongside Kenda Sponsored TORC drivers Matt Siorek and Chad Rayford. “The ability for the Klever R/T to perform at premium levels across diverse terrain was showcased at VORE.” said Brandon Stotsenburg. “The market is looking for a value-priced product without compromising performance and we offered a chance to compare it directly against great competition – Kenda delivered!”


Jimmy Yang, President of Kenda USA, wrapped up by saying, “The KR601 will be Kenda’s 1st full line LTR product launched from our new Vietnam facility in 2018. Kenda is excited to provide the Klever R/T as a premium product at a value price for the Americas and other global markets – we are proud of our engineering, manufacturing and support staff for the teamwork necessary to provide such a great product!”


The Klever R/T will be available in 19 initial sizes rated R and fitting wheels 17”-22” including many popular flotation sizes, with planned expansion in 2019.  The Klever R/T will be available to order in Q3 of 2018.