This notice is in accordance with the requirements of the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act.

American Kenda Rubber IND., Co., LTD. has decided that a defect, which relates to motor vehicle safety, exists in certain 235/75R15 Kenda Kenetica KR17 tires.  Kenda is recalling 542 of these tires in the United States, which were originally shipped to New Jersey and Oklahoma.

These tires are typically found on vehicles such as light trucks and SUVs and would have been available for purchase from February 1, 2017 through March 31, 2017.

In an affected tire, it is possible that the tire may exhibit a loss of integrity over time and in some cases rapid air loss that increases the risk of a vehicle crash. This recall will address the identification of the tires affected.

The following list provides the descriptions, DOT (Department of Transportation) sequences. DOT production periods and the Manufacturing Identification Numbers of the recalled tires. This DOT information is molded into each tire. The four dashes at the end of the DOT sequence correspond to the 2-digit week and 2-digit year of production, which are given in the DOT production period information. For example, “5116” refers to the 51st week of 2016.                                                

Tire Description DOT Sequence DOT Production period Manufacturing Identification Number
Kenda Kenetica KR17 K3D5ANA - - - - 5116 through 5216 925916122301
Kenda Kenetica KR17 K3D5ANA - - - - 5116 through 5216 925916122401
Kenda Kenetica KR17 K3D5ANA - - - - 5116 through 5216 925916122501
Kenda Kenetica KR17 K3D5ANA - - - - 5116 through 5216 925916122601
Kenda Kenetica KR17 K3D5ANA - - - - 5116 through 5216 922616122301
Kenda Kenetica KR17 K3D5ANA - - - - 5116 through 5216 922616122401
Kenda Kenetica KR17 K3D5ANA - - - - 5116 through 5216 922616122501
Kenda Kenetica KR17 K3D5ANA - - - - 5116 through 5216 922616122601

Tires matching these descriptions, DOT sequences and DOT production periods, but not the identified Manufacturing Identification Numbers are not concerned by this recall. To determine if you have received tires that are included in this recall, please check the DOT information found on the sidewall of the tire.

To properly identify the affected tires within the matching DOT sequence and production periods, there is a manufacturer identification number, which is located on a label affixed to the inside of the tire (inner liner). This must be examined and confirmed by an Authorized Kenda Retailer or Distributor as described later in this notice.

Manufacturing Identification Number is pictured as below (Must be identified by Authorized Kenda Retailer):

It is important that all recalled tires be removed from service as soon as possible. The removed tires will be replaced with a similar product at no cost to you with a $25 gift certificate to compensate you for the inconvenience. 

To return and replace recalled tires at no charge, please visit your Authorized Kenda retailer who will assist you. To locate a Kenda retailer, please visit the online dealer locator at 

If you have additional questions after visiting the website and your Kenda retailer, please contact Kenda Customer Care at 1-866-536-3287 between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday – Friday.

If your servicing Kenda retailer fails or is unable to provide the service as described above without charge, you may submit a complaint to the Administrator, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 1200 New Jersey Avenue, S.E., Washington, DC 20590 or call the toll-free Auto Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153); or go to 

You have 180 days after receipt of this letter to have your tires examined and offered for replacement as necessary.

Kenda’s commitment to safety, quality and respect for the customer are our highest priorities. Please accept our sincerest apology for any inconvenience that replacing these tires may cause you. 


DOT markings serve as the tire’s fingerprint and signify compliance with U.S. Department of Transportation Minimum Performance Standards. The DOT markings can be found on the sidewall right above the bead. 

To find out if a tire is affected by the recall:

  1. Determine if it is one of the following products: Kenda Kenetica KR17 size 235/75R15.  If it is not one of these products the tire is not affected by the recall.  Example of Size visible on the sidewall is shown below:

  2. If it is one of these products, check the DOT information to determine if the tire is potentially affected by the recall. 
  3. The following illustration shows the DOT information for the affected tires:

  4. If you have a Kenda Kenetica KR17, size 235/75R15 with DOT Code K3D5ANA5116 or K3D5ANA5216, contact your Authorized Kenda Retailer to determine the tire’s Manufacturing Identification Number; the Retailer will determine whether your tire will be recalled and replaced. If the tire does not have the shown DOT numbers, the tire is not affected by the recall.